Animal Attraction: A Guide to Understanding Bestiality Presented by Dr. Renée Sorrentino, Dr. Susan Hatters Friedman, and John Allgire 10/13/23

Defending Cases of Child Sexual Abuse Material in New Jersey Superior Court Presented by Robert M. Perry, Esq. 4/14/23

New Jersey Megan’s Law: Current Issues Presented by Deputy Public Defender Fletcher C. Duddy 12/2/22

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Shame and Individuals Who Have Sexually Abused Presented by Connie Palmer, LCSW 6/4/21

Access to Child Sexual Abuse Images and Children Online via Social Media and Online Gaming Presented by Kevin Clark, Esq., Ansell, Grimm & Aaron, PC 4/16/21

Substantive Sexual Offender Risk Assessment with Structured Professional Judgment Using the SVR-20 Version 2 Presented by Jeffrey C. Singer, Ph.D. 1/29/21

Domestic Violence Presented by Lisa Smith, MS, MVS 12/4/20

The Evolution of Treatment for Individuals who Sexually Harm Others Presented by Jackson Tay Bosley, Psy.D.

Positive Psychology and the Good Lives Model: Translating Strengths Based Approaches to the Treatment and Assessment of Those who have Committed Sex Crimes Presented by Elizabeth L. Jeglic, Ph.D.

Response(s) to Interpersonal Violence and Abuse on College Campuses Presented by Dr. Jackson Tay Bosley, Psy.D., Jackie Deitch-Stackhouse, LCSW, and Regan Crotty, JD

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Building Bridges: Working with Communities of Faith to Help Recovering Sex Offenders Return to the Community Presented by Panel Members

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Investigating Child Sexual Abuse Presented by Christopher J. Penna, Middlesex County Prosecutor’s Office

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