Tom Calabrese was a talented clinician who worked with sexual offenders for more than 20 years. Tom started at the Adult Diagnostic and Treatment Center and then worked at the Special Treatment Unit while also maintaining a busy private practice partnership. He had a brilliant mind and was very engaged in the field as demonstrated by his willingness to share his knowledge and passion with those around him. Tom also had a wicked sense of humor. Tom was a friend and mentor to many in the field both old and new, and so NJ ATSA created this student scholarship award to honor the spirit of his memory.

NJ ATSA will pay the coming year’s dues for both NJ ATSA and National ATSA for a new student member. This award will sponsor a full-time student who is working with or studying to work with sexual abusers.

The applicant must submit an application and regularly attend NJ ATSA meetings. The recipient must acknowledge an intent to continue NJ ATSA and National ATSA membership beyond the one-year period. The awardee must additionally agree to an announcement of the scholarship award, e.g., verbally at a NJ ATSA meeting, via email or social media.

Congratulations to the most recent winner of the Thomas Calabrese Award, James Riley.

Apply to be the next recipient for the Thomas Calabrese Scholarship by emailing the application to