The NJ Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (NJ ATSA) is sponsoring a membership scholarship initiative, and will pay NJ ATSA and National ATSA dues for two individuals for the coming year.

NJ ATSA strives to support the professional development and engagement of new clinicians and/or clinical student interns. NJ ATSA recognizes the importance of advancing the field by facilitating specialized training, networking and development of new clinicians who work with individuals who have engaged in sexually abusive behavior.


The applicant must be a new clinician (less than 5 years in the field) or clinical intern who is working with sexual abusers. Applicants must submit an application and regularly attend NJ ATSA meetings. The recipient must acknowledge an intent to continue NJ ATSA and National ATSA membership beyond the one-year period.

The awardee must additionally agree to an announcement of the scholarship award, e.g., verbally at a NJ ATSA meeting, via email or social media.