NJ ATSA Committees: Welcome Volunteers!

There are various committees within NJ ATSA that help us to run more efficiently and accomplish our mission more effectively. If you attend NJ ATSA meetings, you are welcome to participate in the committees’ work; while everyone’s contribution and feedback is valued, only NJ ATSA members are voting members. You can request to be a committee member at any time, or simply offer to assist with a specific task that may be of interest.
If you would like to participate in any of NJ ATSA’s committees, you can sign up at the registration table at NJ ATSA meetings, contact a committee member or any Board member, or email at NJATSA@gmail.com.

Committee Descriptions

Nominating and Award Committee

LaTeisha Callender & Julie McBride, Co-Chairs; Janet DiGiorgio-Miller, Jim Reynolds

  • Coordinate the nomination and selection process for:
    • Barbara Frank Award – an annual award to a member of the probation, parole or corrections community that has demonstrated extraordinary efforts in sex offender management
    • Jackson Tay Bosley Award – honors promising new clinicians
    • Lifetime Achievement Award – considered annually for an individual who works with, or provides services for sexual abusers, either in a clinical or non-clinical capacity.

CEU Committee

Jennifer Schneider, Chairperson; Heather Burnett, Tara Ehmann, Julie McBride, Doreen Stanzione

  • Arrange for CEUs for select NJ ATSA trainings.
  • Communicate with outside entities and trainers to facilitate the process, and the NJ ATSA Board and membership regarding needs and procedures.
  • Complete the necessary documentation and required follow-up and managing all procedural steps.

Grant and Scholarship Committee

Jennifer Schneider, Chairperson; Jeff Allen, Adam Brown, Tara Ehmann, Sean Hiscox, Marty Krupnick, Stu Leeds, Jessica Oppenheim, Nicole Paolillo

  • Maintain/update relevant application forms and program descriptions
  • Review applications and selects recipients for grants and scholarships offered by NJ ATSA.
  • Funds are awarded to support projects, training programs, etc. that will advance the field as well as the professional development and engagement of new clinicians and/or clinical student interns.
  • Coordinate announcements with the Social Media and Website Committees, and communication to the Board and membership to promote these opportunities.

Hospitality Committee

Jennifer Schneider, Chairperson; Heather Burnett, Jamie Canataro, Tara Ehmann, Rachael Gillin, Julie McBride. Doreen Stanzione

  • Coordinate food and refreshments for all meetings/trainings.

Membership Committee

Heather Burnett, Chairperson; La Teisha Callender, Jamie Canataro, Tara Ehmann, Rachael Gillin

  • Membership registration and dues
  • Maintain and update all related information for the Membership Directory
  • Cover the registration table for all meetings/trainings: sign-in attendees, hand out materials, and address any training or membership related issues
  • Engage and cultivate diverse membership for the Board and committees
  • Communication with members

Outreach Committee

Jeff Allen, Chairperson; Nicole Dorio, Lauren Gmitter, Sean Hiscox, Nicole Kries-Wyszynski, Nicole Paolillo, Doreen Stanzione

  • Communicate and collaborate with entities outside of NJ ATSA, including written, oral and in-person communications.
  • Create and update brochure explaining NJ ATSA’s mission and contact & membership information
  • Develop a speakers’ bureau

Prevention/Advocacy Committee

Tay Bosley, Chairperson; Sean Hiscox, Ruth Anne Koenick, Nicole Paolillo, Jennifer Schneider

  • Connect the work of NJ ATSA with the work being done with victims of sexually abusive behavior.
  • Ensure that NJ ATSA considers prevention/advocacy within the mission and goals of NJ ATSA.

Public Policy Committee

Tay Bosley Chairperson; Adam Brown, La Teisha Callender, Sean Hiscox, Marty Krupnick, Jessica Oppenheim, Jennifer Schneider, Doreen Stanzione

  • Review the relevance, source and appropriateness of requests received by NJ ATSA from external agencies and committees, reporters, hearings and other public forums and individuals for a written or oral response, personal appearance or other action as indicated.
  • In coordination with the Social Media Committee, review potentially controversial materials for posting/tweeting on social media.
  • Provide information as needed to ensure responses are aligned with NJ ATSA’s mission and goals, and research and best practice.
  • Review pending sex offense-related legislation to determine whether to recommend any action by NJ ATSA Board.

Media Committee

Rachael Gillin, Chairperson; Tay Bosley, Tara Ehmann, Lauren Gmitter, Nicole Kries-Wyszynski, Julie McBride, Jennifer Schneider

  • Create and manage all information through the NJ ATSA website and social media for NJ ATSA
  • Develop, maintain, and update the NJ ATSA website with current information and keep members informed of news and events through social media.
  • Communicate messages that are informative, consistent and promote a positive image on behalf of the organization.

Mentoring Committee

Martin Krupnick, Chairperson; Jeffrey Allen, Tay Bosley, LaTeisha Callender, Nicole Paolillo, Doreen Stanzione

By-Laws Committee

Julie McBride, Chairperson; Tara Ehmann, Stu Leeds

  • Maintain and update the NJ ATSA By-laws